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Simplot offers everything you need to raise healthy animals, from fresh made feed, to animal health products, to the expertise to answer your questions. Simplot Western Stockmen’s has you covered.
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Simplot Western Stockmen’s Offerings

Since 1959, Simplot Western Stockmen 's (SWS)背后的员工一直以客户为中心,以质量为导向,为畜牧业和农业41668金沙官网提供多种产品. We sell feed, animal health products, over-the-counter and prescription veterinary medications, hardware, fencing, pest control and more.


As part of the J.R. Simplot Company, SWS belongs to the Land & Livestock (L&L) group. Fellow L&L对口单位提供定制饲养、牲畜运输、牛肉加工等服务.

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Raising Animals Yourself?

That's where we come in.

At Simplot Western Stockmen’s, you can purchase animal health supplies, fencing, hardware, mineral and supplements, feed for a variety of animals and commodities.

辛普劳西部斯托克曼商店为您的操作提供完整的产品和供应线. We manufacture Pride™ – our own brand of high-quality, cost-effective feed, as well as provide made-to-order custom formulations. 

41668acom金沙官网作为一个专业经销商,销售所有动物主人饲养健康牲畜所需的东西. 41668acom金沙官网的员工为顾客提供其他零售商所没有的深度知识和优质服务. When animal owners have problems that need solving, 41668acom金沙官网可以提供必要的建议,为他们指明正确的方向.   

不要指望百货公司提供动物专业知识或当地生产的高质量饲料. Count on Simplot Western Stockmen's.

Do you have questions or specific needs? Come in and see us!  

If you have a large operation, be sure to ask about buying in bulk.


Animal Health Products

Simplot Western Stockmen’s是顶级41668金沙官网制造商首选的高品质动物保健产品的区域分销商. 41668acom金沙官网提供你饲养健康动物所需的所有药品, from sheep and goats to dairy heifers or beef cattle. Our extensive selection includes vitamins, antibiotics, ear tags, coflex, needles and syringes to wormers, grooming products and related veterinary supplies. 此外,41668acom金沙官网经验丰富的员工随时准备回答您的许多动物健康问题.


Livestock Feeding Products

With a full selection of feeds, from daily rations to individually tailored feed supplements, 辛普劳西部斯托克曼公司通过41668acom金沙官网的Pride系列牲畜饲料提供这一切. 让Pride为你的动物提供它们在每个发育阶段所需要的营养.

Pride可从辛普劳西部斯托克曼工厂以干、散装或包装装运. 散装装运可定制,以满足个别乳品的特殊需要, beef or cow/calf operations, grower and finish feedlots, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens.


Find a Store Near You to find the Pride product that suits you best! 

如果您正在寻找散装饲料,定制饲料,补充剂或矿物质,电子邮件: formulations@www.mobilmitsubishipalembang.com

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Simplot Calf Starter Programs for Healthy Calves

Simplot Western Stockmen的干饲料和专为小牛设计的饲料管理方案可以帮助您给您的小牛一个健康的开始. Manufactured daily, 41668acom金沙官网所有的犊牛饲料配方都具有满足奶牛和牛肉犊牛营养需求所需的维生素和矿物质.

View Our Calf Grains Catalog    Sales Reps

Here is another satisfied Simplot Western Stockmen’s customer. Listen to what Michael Brubaker of Knott Run Farms in Buhl, Idaho has to say about Simplot calf grains. 


Blocks and Minerals

辛普劳西部斯托克曼公司以各种配方运送砖块和矿物质,以满足你的牛群所需. We have Classic, Premium and Ultra lines as well as an All-Natural block. If your cattle are on low quality forage, stressed, lacking vitamins and minerals or are in an All-Natural program, we have what they need.

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辛普劳西部斯托克曼公司经营和销售多种大宗饲料产品, including but not limited to whole, rolled, steam-flaked, bumped, ground and mixed grains. We also carry a variety of proteins and byproducts.

Product Availability by Location: 
Mountain Home, Idaho – whole and steam-flaked corn
Burbank, Washington – whole corn and ground corn

Commodities Information and Purchase Contacts:

Cole Colson
(208) 780-4817

Kasi Deveney
(208) 780-4856



辛普劳西部畜牧业公司35年来一直为注重营养的牧场主和农民销售优质种子. 41668acom金沙官网以提供多种性能优良的种子而自豪,并努力为您的农场选择产量和质量最好的种子遗传.

We work with local growers to source the highest quality seeds, 并准备好确保你将种植对你全年操作最好的作物.

Seed varieties available from the Simplot Western Stockmen's seed store:


  • Soft White Spring: Alturas, Seahawk
  • Soft White Winter: AP Iliad, Bobtail, Brundage 96, SY Raptor, SY Ovation 


  • Oats: Monida, Otana 
  • Barley: Stockford 
  • Spring Triticale: TriCal Flex 719™, TriCal Surge™ 
  • Fall Triticale: Gainer 154


  • Oats: Monida, Otana 
  • Fall Barley: Verdant 
  • Spring Barley: Millennium (6-row), Claymore (2-row) 


  • W-L Conventional Alfalfas: W-L 319, W-L 354
  • W-L Round-Up Ready Alfalfas: W-L 336 RR, W-L 356 RR, W-L 372 RR
  • Grasses and Pasture
  • Pasture Mixes: Olympic Elite, Northwest Blend
  • 牧草:牧草高粱,赛可果园草,托斯卡纳II高羊茅
  • Lawn Blend: 50/50 Rye BlueGrass
  • Cover Crop: Radish, Turnip

In addition to these seeds, 辛普劳西部斯托克曼公司也从41668acom金沙官网指定的饲料加工厂进行饲料销售.

For more information or to purchase a product, contact

Rob Allison
Office: (208) 780-4854
Cell: (208) 850-0597

Simplot Western Stockmen's Locations

We offer a variety of products you need in one location. At Simplot Western Stockmen’s, we have all the supplies you need for your cattle, horses, chickens, goals, sheep, pigs and rabbits.

And if you don’t want to search the store to find all the items you need, pass your list off to our staff and we’ll gladly grab everything for you. 41668acom金沙官网甚至会在您享用41668acom金沙官网免费提供的咖啡吧时把它装到您的车上.

We currently have four SWS store locations in Idaho and Washington.

Simplot Western Stockmen’s Sales Reps

Our staff goes through trainings from our vendors frequently, so we are up to date on all the industry’s best practices. If we don’t know the answer, we are only a phone call away from the many local vets, 41668acom金沙官网与技术代表和41668金沙官网销售专业人员有着良好的关系.

Kurt Wolsborn
General Manager
(208) 780-4806

Ben Gavica
Dir. Sales & Marketing
(208) 780-4870

Ramona Ridley
Marketing Solutions Manager
(208) 780-4868

For wholesale services, including bulk sales, please call Ben Gavica at (208) 780-4870.

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Browse through our library of ranch and dairy industry resources below. 如果你找不到你想要的或者你想找辛普劳的代表谈谈, contact us today.

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如果您正在寻找赞助,请填写41668acom金沙官网的捐款申请表. 41668acom金沙官网的政策是支持与农业有关的组织或团体. In addition, we contribute to youth groups, 在41668acom金沙官网拥有强大市场的地区,市民团体和各种地方筹款活动正在进行. Simplot donates to many national and local charities and events. We try not to duplicate those requests. Please send your request three months prior to the event date. 

Industry Partners

  • American Feed Industry Association (AFIA)
  • California Cattlemen’s Association
  • DairyWest
  • Idaho Cattlemen’s Association
  • Montana Stock Growers
  • National Cattlemen’s Beef Association 


  • Nevada Cattlemen’s Association
  • Oregon Cattlemen’s Association
  • Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council
  • Washington Cattlemen’s Association
  • Washington Cattle Feeders
  • Washington Dairy Farmers

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可持续发展和企业责任已融入41668acom金沙官网的业务实践, 承诺和核心价值观确保41668acom金沙官网实现帮助子孙后代养活不断增长的人口的目标.